Chapter 36; 37 and 38

Chronicles of Mace

Estling and Tizzle seem to be fairly decent folk which Mace feels he could trust and believe in normal times, however, he has now had his eyes opened to the world and has become somewhat paranoid.  It is with much regret that he comes to this conclusion and hopes his feelings are unfounded in this circumstance.  Mace ponders his limited options before deciding on a course of action.


His main draw back at the moment must be his present disability, which is limiting any chance of moving on .The use of force, is definitely out, and any magic would either need to be sustained over a long period or ignored completely. He could get Estling to take him into town, but how would he pay for accommodation and medical care.


No, he must stay here for now under the care of his hosts, however his stay would be more relaxing if he could completely rely on Estling and Tizzle. Maybe a combination of magic and natural abilities would help here, plus it would give him some practise for future plans. To this end Mace prepares himself and waits for an appropriate moment, Mace decides to wait a couple of days to recover his strength and then put his plan into action.


The two days pass in the same routine.  The colour is flowing back into his cheeks and he is beginning to feel much stronger.  The total rest and lashings of healing broth are working wonders.  He wonders how long his recovery might have taken without this help.  He also wonders what has moved on in the world while he has been staying here.


He now puts his plan into operation having gathered himself mentally.  Mace prepares to undertake a tricky bit of spell casting, he readies two ‘CHARM KIND’ spells, one for each of his hosts, and when they are distracted with their backs to him he casts both off. He takes his opportunity around mid-day when both are in the room and having a discussion with their backs turned to Mace.  He casts hoping that the spells will be effective. Mace waits a few moments and then calls them both over to his bedside and asks them to make themselves at ease which they do, then proceeds with the next part of his plan.


“Estling, Tizzle listen to me carefully, you will only hear my voice and nothing else until I say otherwise”.  They both listen closely. Mace brings the full power of his Hypnotism to bear onto the couple; hopefully aided by their present state under the spells cast this should quickly take effect.


“Now close your eyes and relax, you are now getting sleepy, you are feeling calm and relaxed, all you hear is the sound of my voice and you will obey my words. Relax.


Estling and Tizzle start giggling, and Tizzle says, “Your are a funny one Mr Mace, we are so pleased to have you as a good friend of ours.”


Undettered, Mace carries on, but this doesn’t seem to be going the way he had planned.  He continues, “Listen to me, remember and obey, you will now go back in time to when you are younger, back through the years your mind will go, aged 20, back aged 15, back aged 10, back aged 5, you are now 5 years old it is your birthdays, remember. It is a special day and you are very happy, look around can you see everyone, It is a good time, you are happy.”


Tizzle carries on giggling and keeps her eyes closed, “I like this game, I can see my Grandma and Grandpa.”  Estling doesn’t seem so convinced, but seems to be going along with it.  Estling does crack a joke, “I don’t know about Tizzle obeying anyone, she never has before.”  With that Tizzle and Estling break into laughter.


Mace sees that the plan isn’t working, although no damage has been done, and the couple have seen this as a bit of fun.  They seem to see him as a very good friend, but they are definitely not hypnotised.  He decides to ease off and rethink his strategy.


Tizzle goes off to do some work, giggling as she goes, “That Mr Mace, he is a one!”


Mace looks at Estling and asks him outright.


“Estling, I would like you to answer me truthfully the following questions as best you can.”  Estling responds, “Of course Mr Mace, ask away.”


Mace asks, “How did I get to your house from the forest?”


Estling replies, “I found you lying on the floor next to your house, unconscious.  I lifted you onto your Horse and brung you here.”

Mace thanks him for the answer and then asks his second question, “There was a fight going on in the woods, what do you know of it?”


Estling frowns, “Not sure what fight you means.  The Battle of Laster Forest, would that be it?”


Mace responds, “Yes, that one. Do you know what became of my processions?”


Estling, “Yes, we put them at the end of your bed, and your Boots underneath.”


Mace then asks, “Does anyone else know I’m here?”


Estling replies, “Yes, I told a couple of my Friends in the Town I was looking after someone.  I didn’t give no names though.  Have I done wrong?”


Mace smiles, “No, no, that is alright, although I would rather that not too many people know that I am here.            What is the nearest town called and how far away is it?”


Estling smiles. “Don’t know about nearest Town, but you are in Laster.”


Mace then carefully asks, “What are your plans or orders about me?”


Estling looks puzzled, “I don’t understand what you mean, I got no plans or orders for you, just want to help you get fit and well again, as soon as possible Mr Mace.”


After Estling has answered Mace’s questions he thanks Estling for his honesty, and just explains that he is trying to piece a few things together in his own mind and that he didn’t mean any offence.


Estling stands up, pats Mace on the upper shoulder, smiles and says, “I understand Mr Mace, you have been through a horrible ordeal.  Take as much time as you like to get fit again.”


Mace then lies back to rest and digest the new information supplied…………….


Chapter 37


After Estling has answered Mace’s questions he thanks Estling for his honesty, and just explains that he is trying to piece a few things together in his own mind and that he didn’t mean any offence.  Estling  smiles and says, “That is alright sir, as long as oyu get fit and well as quickly as possible.”


Estling stands up, pats Mace on the upper shoulder, smiles and says, “I understand Mr Mace, you have been through a horrible ordeal.  Take as much time as you like to get fit again.”


Mace then lies back to rest and digest the new information supplied…


After so many days of hectic activity in his life finds it hard to comprehend that he is now safe and lying in the bed of a couple who just want to help. He must stop trying to find hidden meanings into every thing and accept the fact that the things are as they are.


Irritated by his lack of mobility and the server itch to keep moving Mace must now bide his time.


In order to alleviate his boredom Mace will request to Estling that his bed be moved near a window so he can watch the world outside go by, if this is not possible he’ll try to have a seat put by the window that he can use during the day time, the pain of moving to and fro would be out weighed by the gains he would get from seeing the town.


Estling smiles and a seat is soon arranged that gives him a view outside, looking over a very neat front garden, that looks as if part has been recently dug over, and a thoroughfare within Laster, he guesses he must be on the edge of the town, but within the defences.


Mace  asks Estling and Tizzle for any news or just plain gossip of events happening around them.  At various times during the day Estling and Tizzle report back on various items of news.  Some of it doesn’t interest Mace when he hears about the latest outbreak of Chicken mange, and a serious of failed Beetroot crops to the south of the town.  The number of Gloom Birds appearing in Laster seem to be declining which would indicate that the Forest of Laster is beginning to heal itself.  A couple of bits of news does make Maces ears prick up, a small convoy recently left Laster for Zoon from the Laster Ranger HQ.  A force is rumoured to be positioned outside the walls of Zoon, based at the old ruined Temple, but what makes Mace sit up very quickly is when he hears that a man has been in Laster asking for the whereabouts of a man called Killian Roo.


Mace feels a sweat run over his body when he hears that name, and he moves his chair a little further back from the window……


Chapter 38


Mace feels a sweat run over his body when he hears that name Killian Roo, and he moves his chair a little further back from the window…  He glances left and right out of the window as if half expecting someone to be hiding in the bushes watching him.


It would seem that Mace’s wish for a quiet recuperation is not to be; once again circumstances dictate his involvement in events around him. He could have buried his head in the sand and hope for things to go away, but in his present condition this could have dangerous repercussions. Any one looking for Killian Roo would eventually hear of him and come checking, just in case. Contact and a warning must be made with the Laster Rangers.


Mace asks Estling if he can get in touch with who ever is in charge of the rangers and request that he visits Mace on the quiet, the less people that know of Mace’s whereabouts the better he would feel.  Estling nods and says that he will.


The next few hours Mace sits nervously in his room, every bang and clatter outside making him nervous.  The wind has got even stronger and the rain is driving down hard outside.  Mace almost starts to feel sorry for any poor soul that is watching him from outside.


Estling returns, saying that he has spoken with one of the Rangers.  Within twenty minutes there is a bang on the door, Mace feels his nerves tingle.  Then at the door Estling and a tall man appear.  The mans hair is soaked, but moves over to shake Maces hand, and introduces himself as Garling and that he is currently the man in charge of the Laster Rangers at the moment.  Mace thinks he looks a little young for a position of authority, and looks about 23.  He has an air of confidence about him though and looks fit.  Garlings Boots shows signs of mud.


Garling sits near to Mace and asks; “Now sire, Estling tells me you wish to talk!”


Mace smiles, gets comfortable on his bed and explains to the ranger who he is and how he became involved with the Rangers and what he knows of the battle outside the Cremlin temple.


Garling listens, asking which Cremlan Temple he is talking about.  Mace roughly describes where it was or where it was described to him, and Garling beckons Mace to continue his story.


Mace informs the ranger about how a man by the name of Killian Roo managed to infiltrate the temple and incur the wrath of the Cremlin followers and that he disappeared after he got away from the temple. Mace will go on to explain that after the rangers where routed at the battle that he was left wandering the forest alone until circumstances and injury rendered him unconscious and how he awoke here in the care of his hosts. Mace will point out that he is informing the rangers of this because of the news that someone is now looking for Killian Roo inside Laster and that person is more than likely to be a Cremlin spy.


Garling looks very serious, and confirms that he knows of the fight at the Temple, and that they are very much on their guard for Cremlan spies.


How the rangers deal with this is up to them, but Mace would recommend that he be found and either questioned or at least followed.  Garling agrees with this.


Mace will request that the ranger not inform anyone else of his location since he is in no condition to protect himself or his hosts at the moment. However he would like to hear what happens about the spy? Garling agrees to this.


Maybe the ranger could visit again some time without drawing to much attention to this place, and a weapon would be handy.  Garling also agrees to visiting, and asks what sort of weapon Mace would like?


Garling thanks Mace for the information, stands to leave.  He moves to the door, then turns and asks Estling to leave them alone for a moment.


Mace watches Garling as he closes the door, then in horror watches Garling draw a long bladed Dagger…. Mace squirms and gets ready to react.


Garling then smiles and re sheathes the Dagger, “Do not worry Mace, for I am a Laster Ranger and you are safe with me, but you did not check my credentials and you do not know Estling that well…. we could well have both been Cremlan sympathisers.  You cannot be too careful, and suggest you only trust me from now on.”


He then pauses and turns to Mace and quietly says, “Look Mace, this gives us an opportunity to get some revenge on the Cremlan scourge.  I would like to spread word that Killian Roo is in a house, not this house, and prepare a trap for them.  However, I suggest that the information you have means that you will be in danger…you should leave town as quickly as possible…..what do you think?”