Gods & Organisations

Nevron Gods and Organisations



Academies focused on Magic:


Eldrons – The oldest and possibly most powerful, but concentrate on very accurate magic, tending to concentrate on the grander things, talking rather than actually using their magic.  Some of their magic is rumoured to be very powerful, and some think there are between 5 and 10 members.

Some rumoured members are:  Gildoo; Aphronsi; Yilok the Podge; The Great Zombesi; Weeland; Even Steven; Auldroyd the Scam

Headquarters are in the Festival District of Nevron City


Cauldron – There is a dark side to the Cauldron, and is the most secret of the Magic Academies, and rumoured to be focused on discovering the Mystery of the Mists.  Rumoured to have less than 5 members


Faust – In to the fun side of Magic and experimenting, and not taking things too seriously.  Rumoured to have less than 10 members, and one of their goals to be to operate from the Citadel of Healing.


Silver Cloud – Very much in to a very serious “goodly” Magic research, wanting to develop and use skills to help mankind.  Rumoured between 10 and 15 members.



The better known Gods:

(with some rumours added!)


Eastall (God of Beasts)

Drago rumoured to be follower and has been seen entering Eastall temple in Eastarth.  Followers are believed to take the form of their chosen beast on Death.

Huge anger in this religion as the Temple in Eastarth has been attacked and burnt to the ground.  Revenge is spoken of....but in what form?


Grabber (God of Thieves)

See Underworld details, but Dagger Handles identify followers.


Drevlon (God of Goodness)

These Purple cloaked followers, support the Overlord, who is an example of Goodness.  Watch out for the elite troops called the Double-Headed Eagles, recognised by their insignia.


Xal (God of Peace and Endurance)

Prince Juppa could be a representative of the faith.  Thought to have some link to Royalty.  However, Prince Juppa has been seen in the company of the Double-Headed Eagles!


Croon (God of Death)

These followers like Skull insignia.  Dagaplough rumoured to be its Leader on Nevron.


Awn (God of Cold)

Followers love the Winter and Mountains.  Insignia is usually an old man blowing cold breath.


Booldin (God of Thieves)

See Underworld details, but Dagger Handles identify followers. Also have an insignia of a key and treasure chest.


Zleet (God of Sea creatures)

Pirates tend to pray to this God.


Jesqui (God of Night and Darkness)

Followers are partial to wearing Black.


Barbarosa (God of Doom and Barbaric practices)

Love their tattoos, especially of Swords, Axes, and Shields.  Followers like to wear animal skins.


Cremlan (Spider God)

Ruined Temple in Nevron City.  Amaranti dol Ballam rumoured to be significant representative of the faith in Nevron, and is known to be outside of Zoon at ruined Cremlan Temple.  They like their Spider Webs.


Squirmst (Rat God)

Followers tend to keep this faith to themselves, but can be identified for their desire for Cheese, and poor eating habits.



The Underworld (Nightblades/Thieves and Rogues):


The Cloak




Bloots – Blue Handled Daggers

Redies – Red Handled Daggers

Yellicks – Yellow Handled Daggers

Greydies – Grey Handled Daggers