Rumours and Porky Pies

Weather thought to be improving

There are signs a thaw could be on the for the flooding.

Dog Heads dropped on Zoon

Its raining Dogs!!

Unidentified flier spotted

A strange flying shape was spotted above Zoon recently.  Passers have identified it as a giant flying squirrel, a dragon, and a flying cat.  Reports indicate it was seen near the Temple outside of Zoon as well as harassing some of the city guards.  There is no indication of its intent but the guards of zoon are currently refusing to eat their cheese ration in fear of being thought of as a mouse.

Bad Weather Ahead

The weather in the north of the land has turned poor.  Snow is piling up closing roads and reducing the ability of supplies and caravans to keep to schedules.  Groups are working valiantly to maintain the roads, but as the snow piles higher it is becoming harder to travel by land.  In the mountains the snow has been reported as deep as six feet closing several passes.

Arsonist Vanishes Militia Confused

The individual who set fire to the Eastall Temple in Eastarth has vanished.  The Militia is unsure as to how this may have happened.  Confusion seems to be rampant in the ranks.  Additionally Count Drax has left town reportedly in pursuit of the arsonist who he insists is the mythical assassin Mordrig.  Haan T’Naytol is surprisingly quiet on the issues.

Drago Spotted

Reports from Stillwater indicate Drago is active and flying out of forays into the wilderness surrounding the ancient fortress.  Reports are confused as are those making the reports, some say he is flying north, others south, and some say he is chasing his tail.

Exotic New Taylor opens in Laster

Buy your specialised Leather Goods in Laster, find the shop owned by Jeg and Inogen.  Design and Modelling service available.

Challenge Ends Soon

Reports from Monastare indicate the Challenge is coming to an end.  The toll on those participating has been extremely high, the death toll stands at 80% with many gruesome deaths and some indecent acts being perpetrated.  Needless to say there is an investigation being conducted with regards to reports of acts of bestiality by Meric.

Summer Fair to be Biggest and Best Ever

Come one come all, the summer fair in The City will be the biggest ever.  The Overlord has also offered an amnesty to those who may wish to partake in events that may otherwise be deemed persona non gratae.  A complete listing of events will be published in the coming weeks, watch this space →⃝.

Orcs mass in Seaborne

Even though Orcs are accepted by the Seaborne populace, a large group of Orcs who are assembling outside the Town is making the Populace very nervous.  What they are up to knowbody knows.

The Prince in Zoon

A lot seems to be happening in Zoon with the sighting of Prince Juppa and many Double Headed Eagle soldiers.  Rumours abound that the Prince has the ability to be in two places at once.  A high profile Character who got involved in a Tavern brawl is thought to be locked up in the Militia HQ. The Laster Rangers also seem to be highly active in the Town, and further rumours are ciculating that they have had some serious setbacks recently.

Water Water everywhere

The Marsh District in the City seems to have been hit worst by the continual rain, which is now freezing over.  Several rough homesteads ave been washed away, or disappeared in to the mud and swamp of the District.