LoN Towns

Last updated 7th March 2017




Vilrory is the Leader of Zoon Council

Carrowkeal wass the Leader of Zoon Militia until the Battle of the Zoon Fields.  Forsmund was in control for a short time, but is rumoured to be under House arrest.

Prince Juppa is also rumoured to now be inside Zoon, with many Double-Headed Eagle elite troops.

Population is around 1,000 + 200 living in Farms outside of Zoon

Army – 200 men ready to fight (100 Professional Soldiers + 60 recruited from locals + 40 mercenaries and adventurers) 

Food for severals week in case of siege.

Zoon Militia – 50 Men

Laster Rangers – 15 to 20  based in Zoon

The Zoon Council comprises of: (Eleanor; Beau Dada; Clondara; Minx Hobox)

Zoon Defence: Walls 3ft thick; 12ft high; walkway on top of wall. Cauldrons on top for Boiling Oil or water. Gates are Wooden but very well made.   Huge bars securing them if needed.

Notable Characters living in Zoon:

Brothel called Minizen run by Princess Ample for obvious reasons.

Gentleman Sam – Rogue and Moneylender

Tyson – tough nut fighter for hire.  Bountyhunter

Biba Fever – Alchemist

Ducloyne – very busy Healer, highly thought of by Council

Smart Breeze – fighter for hire, Martial Art specialist, possibly Drevlon faith.

Sunwind – Mystic = links to many agencies anf fingers in lots of pies. Powerful and respected.

Aphro Dipomac – organises Convoys from Zoon to Laster and Clow to City  Well known trader and powerful in Merchants lobby.

Tubby Toora – Scholar – too clever for own good. Eccentric.



Council of Tarp – Arton Arffellow; Geldron; Cheni; Apapa Sarsfield.

The Council has declared for Cremlan.  The Eastall Temple has been taken over and dedicated to Cremlan.  The Eastall Priest has been imprisoned.

Population of around 300

Cheni controls a Militia of 20, plus another 30 who would respond to a call to arms if needed.

1 Large Ship moored in Tarp, but know to be 3 or 4 Pirate Boats that regularly visit.

 Known for smuggled goods, contraband, some mined materials, and plenty of fish



Farming community of 400 people.  Patrolled by 15 Militia.  Prince Juppa army rumoured to be camped nearby.

Some building work going on in Clow and Nevron City troops have been seen on the streets.



The Town of Laster is an artistic centre with several Theatres and entertainments, not the least being a very popular Red Light area where many sexual tastes are catered for.  There are many Bards and academics living within the Town, many of whom are here to study.  The Town has many tree lined avenues and many of the buildings are colourfully decorated and have flowers and ivy growing all over them.  A large and small lake within the walls of Laster are a pleasant feature and many of the Townspeople spend their leisure time sitting by the Lake, rowing boats, or fishing, although little is caught.  A spring in the smaller Lake supplies the water which flows down in to the larger Lake and eventually through Laster forest and in to the large Lake to the North.

Laster is protected by a six foot high wooden stockade in good repair, a ditch (6ft deep and 6ft wide) surrounds the Town filled with sharp upright sticks, and has three entrances, two be road and one where the stream enters the Town.  The entrances have wooden towers on either side, and large gates which are manned 24 hours a day.  The gates are open during the day but are closed as darkness falls, meaning anyone entering the Town at night must declare themselves to the guards and satisfy their questions.

The Town is run by a board of governors who are elderly academics and some say a little senile.  With the recent troubles there is now a Ranger HQ where the famous Laster Rangers operate from, and the Town is under a minor form of martial law.

The population is normally around 500 – 700 Townsfolk (350 Townsmen; 100 Townswomen and 50 Children) +200 Mercenary and adventure folks but this has swelled to nearly 700 with the nearby troubles attracting mercenaries and adventurers to the town.  The Militia usually number about 40 but this has increased to 70 for the time being.  There are also 100 to 200 Soldiers in Town, many with Magical Weapons.  There was a rumour circulating that there had been a Magical Anvil used to make weapons, but that this has now been moved to Zoon.

There are no weapon or armour shops, and few other types of shops.  A thriving black market exists and it is not difficult to find someone who deals in what you require, although prices are generally 10% higher at the present time.  Some panic buying of provisions pushed the prices upwards.

The inhabitants appear fairly laid back and are well use to seeing travellers and strangers in town. Many of the people wear colourful garb and exaggerated hats with feathers and silks the current fashion.  The whole atmosphere is that of a holiday town, and should probably be more concerned more about what is happened in the North, especially in Zoon.  There is more talk about the arts than attacks by evil forces or the musings of the Overlord.  There are sculptures and paintings all over the place.

A new exotic Tailors has just been opened, selling designer Leather and Lace products.


Key places in Laster – please refer to the Map.


  1. Drevlon Temple – Ewtil Carmeron is the lead Drevlon Priest.  Drevlon PaladinFollinjers often visits and stays here.
  2. Not known
  3. Not known
  4. Inn - Swan on the Lake
  5. Not known
  6. Venison Jukle leader of a group of Mercenaries called the Cutting Crew rumoured to live here.
  7. Zebula Mythod – a loner but rumoured powerful Magic User
  8. Orphanage
  9. Governors Building
  10. Entry Gate
  12. Ennery Aimless a Healer
  13. Laster Ranger HQ
  16. Inn of Dust – Elk Blinsto is landlord.  Many adventurers stay here.
  17. Militia HQ
  19. Theatre – The Missing Prophet
  20. Laster Wood
  21. Laster Lake
  22. Temple of Xal – Zues Garbold head Priest
  23.  Leather on Lace - Tailor
  24. Theatre – Trumpets
  26. Inn – Billious Boffin
  29. Gut Gomes lives here – Leader of Bounty Hunters and Hunters
  30. Peter Scribble a Mystic lives here
  32. Inn – The Hangman – rumoured meeting place for Thieves Guild whose leader is Qas Sacker
  33. Theatre – The Evening Song
  36. Theatre – Classic
  37. Entry Gate
  38. Theatre – The Gay Bard
  39. Laster Lake
  40. Laster Statue - monument





1              Cleveleys House

Rich land owner who has 3 Sons.  Wife is dead, but he has a woman live in house keeper.  The 3 Sons are all bullies, and throw money about to get people on their side.  Orcs hate then and they hate the Orcs.  The  local Towns folk like them because they stand up the Orcs and Sailors, but don’t like the way they bully.  They also don’t get on with the roughty tufty Sailor community.  They frequent the Landlubbers Tavern only.

Clevely the Land Owner.

    Son 1 Son 2  Son 3


2              Entry Bridge


3              Watchtower (Militia)

Nicknamed "Shonty", Captain Gunker lives and sleeps in the Watchtower.


4              The Horny Imp (Tavern)

5              House


6              House


7              House


8              Religious Site – Church (Eastall - Fish)

Eastall Priests:  


9              House - Marjoril Ozzil lives here


10           Steffs Seabourne Stores

You can buy almost any General Goods at Steffs.


11           Captain Morgans House


12           Sea Breeze Windmill    Miller Tilkfell


13           Area Slank (Orc Huts)

Notable inhabitants in this assortment of Orc huts and abodes.  It is a scruffy, rough and smelly area.

Tang - the self styled Orc Master, although there is a rumour another unknown Orc/being actually controls Area Slank.

Kot Dil Amzer - bodyguard and 2nd in Command to Tang.


14           House    


15           House   


16           Sailors Rest (Tavern)



17           House


18           Traffellen Needles (Multiple ship wrecks and underwater Caverns)

19           House 


20           House (Howards Point)


21           Landlubbers (Tavern)


22           Swamp


23           Quiet Woods


24           Ruined Temple (Rumoured Cremlan)


25           The Harbour



26           Cleveleys Farm and Orchard

They breed Pigs and the Orchards are mainly Apples.  No Horses go near the Farm because of the smell of Pigs.  Very tidy and well laid out Orchard.


27           Cemetry and Sailors Crypt

A Halfling called Junip Dant Veriop tends the Cemetry and keeps the Crypt in order.  He lets no one enter the Crypt.


28           Smugglers Beach