The History of the Lands of Nevron

A play-by-mail game which started its journey in the 1980’s.  A Fantasy Role Playing Game based on the Rolemaster (ICE) system, with influences from Dungeons & Dragons/AD&D/Runequest/Warhammer.

The game is large, complex and has a depth of detail providing an exciting and challenging environment to explore.  Many different locations, challenging NPC’s and many Players overtime who have generated their own scenarios, conflicts and challenges.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s regular Newsletters called the Nevron Times and lovingly produced by the Arkwright Emporium kept the Players up to speed with events in the far reaching Lands of Nevron.  The Times comprised articles, artwork, player messages, Character experience tables and pictures.

There were also occasional Over the Table (OTT) meetings which were always well attended, and photos will appear on this website reminding everyone of friendships built on 25mm fantasy figures.

 A one off Live roleplay event was even held on Cobham Common in Surrey with a long weekend crashing and partying at the Overlords abode.

 During the most productive period of LoN even a short movie and Nevron music were produced.

 Lands of Nevron T-shirts were also produced, featuring the Overlord.

 The start-up was simplicity itself, with new players only having to provide a name for their Character, decide on a profession and outline a short description. 

 When the first turn arrived it contained the Rulebook and the Character details such as equipment, hit points, description of location, magical spells and selected rumours to get the Player started.  The Character sheet provided detail on skills, equipment and the base details such as looks, likes and preferences.

With each turn, Characters were awarded experience points, used to advance the Character in skills and abilities.  The length of time to advance varied greatly, depending on the specific experience the Character had, and could take some time if taking a careful strategy.  Exploration, fighting and effecting cunning plans were always well rewarded.

Character/Players were always kept on their toes as one of the major difference with the Rolemaster rules as opposed to some other rules, was that no matter how imbalanced a fight/conflict was, there was always a chance the little guy could win.  Luck could play a huge part in deciding may outcomes, from fighting, to jumping ravines, to searching, to spell casting.

The number players flexed greatly over two decades and at its peak had 100 Players, and was recognised in Flagship Magazine as the No1 PBM of its time, based on value and quality, beating many professionally run Games.

A hardcore of Players still stay in contact, and rumours abound that a turn was recently produce for its lead Player Character!