C of M (Chapter 1 - 17)


Many adventurers have explored the Lands of Nevron, and this is one story of one Character that I hope new and old Players will enjoy.  This Character was originally played by Mike Jeffs, and as you will see the story of Mace built up over several years of playing.  The plan is to post the Turns here over the next few weeks, hopefully giving those reading an insight in to the type of Nevron storylines, writing style, and for those who have played Nevron some interesting insights in to events they have been involved in with their Characters.

MACE description

Height 5ft 6”

Slender Build


Black Eyes

Grey Hair

Age 25 – 30 unknown parentage, and true age not known

Martial Art – Karate

Mace is moderately handsome with no distinguishing marks visible.  Not the type to turn women’s heads but that’s until he puts on the charm!


The Mystery begins to Unfold:

Chapter 1

Mace lives in the Town of Zoon, with a man called Chipral who is old and an invalid, but a good illusionist.  Mace has been his apprentice for several years after Chipral saved him from a horrible life as an orphan in Nevron City.  Chipral has raised Mace very much as his own son, for which Mace will always be indebted.


Mace is beginning to feel that there is more to life than study and is eager to try his newly learnt magical skills out in the big wide world. Mace has learnt a realistic but stern way of viewing life, and has proved on many occasions to have a logical mind.  He has obtained several items of equipment, and even managed to save 3 Gold Pieces.


He has few friends, bar a young girl called Zephyr, mainly because most of his time has been spent studying.  He is well attuned to the theory of life, but now wishes to put this theory into action.  Chipral will be upset to see Mace go, if indeed he does, but would not stand in the young mans way, as he values the true experiences of life, and realises there is a limit to what you can learn in books.


Mace has become aware of some of the events happening further away from Zoon, but not much more than the common populace of the Town.  He has spent the last few days considering his options, and awaits the day to arrive when he makes his final and difficult decision.


As already mentioned Mace also has another area to think about in as much as he has an admirer, a 19 year old girl called Zephyr Firefang.  She has Green eyes, Red Hair, Slender build and 5ft 8” tall.  Mace knows that he would miss her if apart for any length of time.  The two have kept their distance as far as romance goes, and their friendship is purely plutonic.  Zephyr lives above a Grocers store, which is near the Zoon market.


Zephyr has also seemed a little unsettled of recent although Mace has never questioned her sometimes distant moods.