Chapter 2; 3 and 4

Chronicles of Mace

Mace wakes early on a bright Sunny day, feeling excited, but for some reason a little nervous. He has finally made his decision to leave, and to learn about the world through experiences gained rather than through studying.  He needs to learn the arts of mixing socially with new people.


He completes his regular chores around the house, and speaks with Chipral once or twice, but avoids the subject of his leaving.  Although he is very keen to tell Chipral of his decision to leave, he knows he must find the right time to tell his Stepfather. It will be an emotional piece of news to break.  Mace feels he must tell someone, and Zephyr seems to be the obvious choice.  He prepares himself for the short walk through the Town to where Zephyr lives.  Perhaps her words will settle his mind, and he certainly wouldn’t want to leave Zoon without saying goodbye to her.


He strides confidently through the Town and stops to talk to one or two of  the shop keepers he knows as acquaintances.  Mace enquires about any convoys which may be leaving for Laster soon.


Mace is told that a small convoy of carts is leaving in two days time for Laster, and that there are jobs as guards available. The pay is pretty good for such a short journey, and 2GP is being offered for the journey.  The reason for this is that the journey between Zoon and Laster is fraught with danger, as it is basically a war zone.  High prices are now being paid for goods with Laster, which makes for bigger profits.


Mace learns that there is a stall in the market which takes names for the guard’s jobs on the convoys.  Mace smiles to himself that he seems to have found a way of leaving Zoon, and making some money into the bargain.  He bounces along the cobbled street to where Zephyr lives.


He learns that Zephyr has been out all morning, but is thought to have gone to the Market, which Mace has just passed through.  He retraces his steps and begins to look out for Zephyr.  He spots a small crowd of children sitting around a story teller, listening to a story about Goblins and Magic.  He watches through the crowd then sees that next to the man, listening to the story is Zephyr.  Zephyr breaks in to laughter at the same time as the children, and seems to be listening to every word the man says.


The story finishes and all the children’s parents crowding around collecting their broods.  Money is thrown to the storyteller for entertaining the kids while the parents moved around the market.  Mace tries to keep his eyes on Zephyr but loses sight for a moment.  He pushes through the crowd, only to find her gone.  He looks around and just spots her walking along the street, next to the storyteller.  Mace hurries behind, watching where they are going.  The storyteller and Zephyr enter the Tavern called the Koop Inn, and a bottle of Wine is purchased.


Mace decides not to interrupt, and watches whilst leaning against a wall a little way up the street.  He finds strange thoughts passing through his mind, and feels a little jealous of this mans attention to Zephyr.  He watches as they talk very closely together.  Another man interrupts their conversation to talk to the storyteller.  Mace notices that this man is rather scruffy, and indeed looks a bit shifty.  The scruffy man leaves quickly as the storyteller and Zephyr continues their chat.


Mace studies the man, and sees he has short Black hair, with a pencil thin moustache, and a Goatee style beard on the tip of his chin.  He has a weathered look about him, and his skin is slightly tanned.  He has brilliant Blue Eyes which are quite startling.  He is 6ft tall and of a muscular build.  A large earring dangles from each ear.  He is wearing a loose baggy top, coloured Dark Green with Silvered stripes running through it, Dark Brown Leather trousers and Leather Boots.  He is armed with a Long sword and Dagger, both of which are in his Weapon Belt.  This man exudes confidence.


A few more minutes pass with Zephyr and the man chatting, when the man suddenly stands up, bends down to kiss Zephyrs hand, and whispers something to her.  He turns away from her and walks out of the Tavern, and down the street directly past where Mace leans against a wall.  Zephyr continues to sit at the table, enjoying another glass of Wine, oblivious to the presence of Mace.


Mace watches as the man disappears out of sight, and wonders whether to approach Zephyr now, or leave it for a while…..


Additional Background detail:


Chipral is known to be a Magic User, but isn’t regarded to be very good, or highly talented.  His best years are behind him now.  He is a well respected member of the community though, and many people have sought his advice in the past.  Mace is known as an apprentice to Chipral, but is not thought to have many if any Magical abilities by the locals.  They tend not to believe people have any Magical ability until they have seen if for themselves.

Chapter 3


When he had set out this morning Mace had not expected anything like this, but what if he is over reacting! Mace then thinks about some of the awful things that are happening in the Lands and decides to follow the man, just to be sure.  Mace has feelings of jealousy and concern for Zephyrs safety mixing in his mind.  He worries that this new man may impact on their existing friendship.  A voice cries out in his head “NO, I must leave Zoon and Zephyr as quickly as possibly, but out of loyalty I must look after Zephyr, and watch out for her.”  His mind is made up in a few seconds, Mace darts around the corner of the street just in time to keep the stranger in sight.  If he is an evil Rogue then Mace is going to find out.


The stranger walks at a steady pace and with obvious intent. Mace manages to follow, keeping from sight by occasionally darting in to alcoves, doorways, and other alleyways to avoid being seen.  The stranger has no idea that anyone would want to follow him, and in the throng of the crowded streets Mace manages to keep the man in view at all times.


The man stops and enters a House, giving a cursory glance all about before walking through the door.  It looks like a normal Zoon dwelling structure, made solidly of stone.  Mace gets close to the house, and waits across the road.  A window on the ground floor is opened and Mace sees an attractive woman look out.  He sees the stranger behind the woman.  Trying to stay inconspicuous pushed up against a wall, he watches as the man embraces the woman with a kiss on the lips.  Mace reckons that this is more than a greeting kiss, and that the two are very fond of each other.  Mace waits for around twenty minutes while the two chat merrily away.  Odd outbursts of laughter lead Mace to believe this is purely a social visit.


The man then ups and kisses the woman farewell before striding out of the house, and walking back the way he came.  Mace takes up the chase again, really getting in to the dodging in and out of cover.  The man walks back to the market where he buys a bunch of flowers from one of the stalls.  The man moves away and looks at some other stalls.  Mace moves in quickly and asks the Flower seller if he knows the man.  The seller looks strangely at Mace and replies, “Course I knows ‘im.  That’s Gabibto the Storyteller,” Mace asks one or two other basic questions before the seller becomes a little suspicious.  Mace does find out though that Gabibto is a traveller who often visits Zoon.  He makes his money by telling children stories.


Mace waits for Gabibto to move off and follows again.  This time Gabibto moves to the other side of town and ends up at another house.  Another attractive woman greets him at the door with a big kiss and cuddle.  Mace begins to wonder what this fellow has that he hasn’t.  Gabibto enters the house and the door is shut.  This time the windows aren’t opened.  Mace waits for a full hour and nothing further develops.  Mace does walk around the outside of the house at a distance and notices a fine looking Horse is tied up at the back, munching on a big bag of hay.


Mace believes he has seen enough and heads for home to collect his weapons.  Sitting down heavily on his bed mace feels confused.  He isn’t sure what he thinks about this man, but he knows one thing.  He seems to be well known by the opposite sex…

Chapter 4


Mace sits on his bed a little longer then exclaims, “oh heck!”.  Life seems to be getting very complicated, and wonders if anything goes to plan in these hard lands.  He stands up and buckles his Weapon Belt, deciding to at rather than putter about not getting any where; after all he was leaving Zoon, wasn’t he!  He leaves the House avoiding Chipral and returns to the market.


He only has to ask a few questions before finding the recruiting stall again, and after a short discussion he signs up for the next convoy to Laster.  It leaves at a little earlier than expected at first light in the morning, and he has managed to negotiate a slighter higher payment of 2GP 5SP which is 25% increase, and isn’t bad pay at all.  He gets his food included in the trip and will travel by sitting in one of the Wagons, so he has no need of a Horse.


He turns his mind to Zephyr now, and decides to join her even if she does have company.  As he is leaving the market he spots Zephyr also leaving the market with what looks like some supplies.  Mace calls over to her and she smiles when she sees it is you.  A few moments quick chit chat and asking how the respective families are then down to the business of finding out what the two of you are up to. Mace begins first explaining that he has just got a job as a guard on a convoy to Laster which leaves at first light in the morning.  Zephyr looks slightly surprised at this news, and explains that she has just brought some food supplies for she too leaves in the morning for Laster, but travels with a man called Gabibto, who she hopes to become apprenticed to. 


Mace tries not to show any reaction to this but can’t help but feel a little worried about this news.  Zephyr tells Mace that she still needs to find a Horse and asks if he has any idea where she can get one from.  Mace explains that he is going to be riding on one of the wagons, and hasn’t needed to look for a mount, but will keep his eyes open.


Mace and Zephyr are obviously busy, but agree to meet again in the Tavern called The Koop Inn where they can have a further talk about their plans for Laster.  Mace muses on what a strange co-incidence that both Mace and Zephyr are going to war torn Laster!


It is now just late afternoon, but still warm from the Sun and very light.  It looks like being a very pleasant evening.  Mace looks forward to meeting Zephyr in the evening…


Additional background:  It is at this point that Out of Character Mace learns that Zephyr is in fact another Player Character.