Chapter 11; 12 and 13

Chronicles of Mace

Mace waits for the others to consider their options as well, and then decides to make his opinion known to the entire group.


“I say we continue after The Punisher, he’s running now and without one of his party.  As for the young woman….. well she’s a criminal and a murderess, so she deserves no help from us.”


She’s claimed it was The Punisher who’s caused the trouble and that she tried to warn us, that sounds a lot of baloney to me.  The attack on the convoy involved two people and the ambush by two or three which means she was involved.  During both attacks there was no sign of a warning in any form and just now she came at me with her Quarterstaff instead of surrendering.


Justice must be done and since she’s obviously guilty, plus the fact we need to move unhindered, she must be executed here and now.”


Clyve and Manto make a loud noise with an intake of air and Clyve replies, “I hear what you say Mace, but surely we must not take the law in to our own hands and kill this woman without a fair trial and hearing.  Having said that, if everyone else is for executing her, then I will support the group.”


Manto then looks closely at the girl, who begins to struggle again on the ground, but is soon restrained again.  Manto says his piece, “I am all for dealing with the girl here and now, but I fear this is from anger from Brequet being killed, and we don’t actually know the woman was responsible for this action.”


Zephyr remains quiet then makes a suggestion, “I suggest we do not kill the girl yet, but that Clyve stays here with her and Brequets body, I will return to the Wagons and inform them all of what has happened, and Mace and Manto should give chase to the other ambushers.”


Clyve agrees this is a good idea, and Manto and Mace also can see little argument in this, and in fact a good deal of sense.  All is agreed, as the woman is checked again to make sure she is secure, and Clyve settles down to a tree to keep watch.  Zephyr moves off down the trail back to camp to report all the going ons.  Zephyr mentions as she goes that she will get one of the Wagons up here to retrieve Brequets body.  Mace and Manto then dart off in pursuit of any other gang members.


Running as quickly as they can, having left their Horses with Clyve, they dart in and out of the bushes, halting every so often to listen.  The trail soon goes cold though, and an hours searching only finds odd footprints, and broken twigs, but nothing that resembles a trail.  Neither of them have a high enough tracking skills to enable them to follow what tracks there are.


Manto and Mace decide to return to Clyve and then back to the main camp.  They walk back towards where they had left Clyve.   Well….. They arrive back at where the ambush had taken place, to find no-one there, except Brequets body.  There is no sign of Clyve of the woman.  Manto and Mace crouch down low just in case something is amiss.  They wait a few minutes then drag Brequets body into cover, still a little worried at what has happened.  Perhaps the ambusher doubled back and has killed/captured Clyve and released the woman. They could still be in the immediate area waiting to finish Mace and Manto off.  They crouch behind a Tree and Bush.


Mace and Manto have a few more minutes of anxious waiting, and deciding what to do.  Then they hear a movement.  Both men watch from behind their cover.  Seconds later two smallish Dog like creatures come in to view, moving very stealthily, and one each side of the trail.  They carry Shortswords and Shields, and stop occasionally to sniff the air, and look at the ground.  Manto and mace look at each other as if to say, “What the heck shall we do?”  They can’t speak for it would probably give away their position.  The creatures are getting closer and closer, and are now about 150 feet away.


Mace watches the creatures as they get closer, then sees the two of them stop, sniff the air once more, then turn and walk back along the trail southwards, away from Mace and Manto.  Mace shrugs his shoulders at Manto, as the plot thickens.  Again lots of choices face Mace and Manto… return to the camp, wait for Zephyr, search for Clyve, follow the Dog creatures, attack Dog creatures?.............


GM: Dog Creature Description:

These creatures are more commonly known as Kobolds.  They are about 3 ft 6” tall, with a ruddy pair of horns growing from their heads.  They are covered in Dog like hair, and are wearing simple Leather tunics, carry Shortswords and Shields.  They have a slightly military air about them, in that they are dressed in a similar way.


Chapter 12


Mace curses himself for letting this happen, “what a bloody mess Manto, we shouldn’t have split the party up, and now this.”  Manto shrugs and asks what Mace thinks they should do.


Mace thinks for a few seconds then says, “We can’t return yet, not with these things hanging around, I suggest we follow as best as possible to see what they are up to.  That will mean meaning Beques body behind, but I don’t think he will mind too much under the circumstances.”


Manto nods his agreement, and helps Mace give Beques a quick search for personal beginnings.  Manto looks sad as he does this, as Beque had been a close friend, and he mutters revenge under his breath.  Manto says a few words to their God Eastall, asking for guidance.  On Beques body mace recovers a small pouch containing 1GP; 2SP; and 14TP.  A small Dagger, Longsword, Shortbow, Quiver 15 Arrows; a necklace, a Sliver Ring on his finger, and a Herb called Zulsendura, which Manto tells you is made from a special Mushroom and when swallowed will hasten your speed and everything you do (GM: for 3 Turns).


Mace puts these items safely away, and turns away with Manto to begin jogging after the Kobolds who have gone down the trail a little way.  They dodge behind bushes and trees every so often, when they catch sight of the Dog Creatures, making sure they keep the Creatures in sight, but from a safe distance.


They have followed the trail for perhaps 2 or 3 miles when the plot thickens yet again.  Mace and Manto watch in amazement, from a distance as two of the Kobolds they have been following meet up with a further two Kobolds.  The amazing thing is though that with these two new Kobolds is Clyve and the girl.  At first it looks like they have been taken as a prisoners, but after watching the group walk for a while it seems evident that they are not prisoners as such.  Clyve and the girl walk quite quickly, with the four kobolds surrounding them, but more in a protection role than a subduing one.


Mace and Manto look at each other wondering what the hell is going on!  They decide to follow further, still keeping at a distance. The Kobolds, Clyve, and the girl seem confident as they move and are not trying to hide their route, probably feeling safe in the knowledge that no-one has in fact followed.


Some 15 miles have been covered, in which time dawn has broken, and it is now mid-morning.  The low lying mist which covered the land during the early part of the morning has been dispersed by the soft Autumn Sun.  Mace and Manto continue to dodge behind cover, and remain undetected.  They are however being drawn further away from their convoy, but the intrigue of what is going on is pulling them onwards.


Then at approximately mid-day the group they have been following stop for a break, and Mace and Manto sit down to decide on what they want to do.  They are not properly equipped for this sort of exercise, but if they return to the convoy now, they will probably lose these Kobolds and Clyve.  Manto is easy on what he does, but does say he would like to see the girl get the justice she deserves for killing his friend, but is prepared to follow any plan Mace may have.


They share some of Maces rations, preserving the food they have, watching and waiting for the small group of Kobolds and humans to move again………..


Chapter 13


Mace watches the party closely, trying to assess exactly what is going on.  He assumes that Clyve is either a prisoner, traitor, or even under some sort of spell cast by the girl.  The Kobolds, Clyve and the girl move off again at some speed now due East.  Manto and Mace continue to follow, ducking and diving behind cover so as to remain hidden.  With the trail disappearing behind the Kobolds seem to relax a little and don’t spend quite so long looking around, checking for their enemies.


Several short sharp showers of rain soak Mace and Manto, but do help in tracking the group they are following, as the footprints are clearly visible.


Mace decided it is time for them to make their move, and get to the bottom of what is going on.  He whispers his plan to Manto, who nods that he understands.  He hands Manto the Shortbow, Quiver and Arrows.  Mace watches for the right moment, and begins to form words to Smell Mirage in his mind.


The moment arrives, the Kobolds pause, and Mace gets to within range.  He is just about to cast the spell when suddenly several other Kobolds appear and greet the small group.  Mace postpones casting the Spell to watch this new event unfold.  Manto realises that the attack is on hold, for there must be at least twenty Kobolds gathered around.  There are far too many for Mace and Manto to deal with.


After the Kobolds greetings the larger group move off again towards the East, with mace and Manto still following some way back.  Well, the tracking continues for most of the day of this larger group until late in the afternoon, Mace and Manto get another very big surprise.  The trail they are following begins to get very muddy, and the signs are that more than twenty Kobolds have passed this way recently.  They speed up slightly to catch a glimpse of the rear of the party, when they spy something they are sure they shouldn’t have.


In the distance they can see a huge mob of around 250 to 300 Kobolds, all walking with purpose as an army would.  In the centre of the Kobolds they can see a humanoid type creature, but they are too far away to make any detail out.  The mob of Kobolds change direction and move North-East into the lower part of a largish Forest, and disappear from view.  As the last kobold goes from sight, Manto and Mace turn to each other, and shrug their shoulders at the same time.  The original Kobolds, Clyve and the girl and now consumed within the midst of a much , much larger force, and any chances of finding out what had happened seems to have disappeared.


Mace has many conflicting thoughts.  What is this mob of Kobolds doing here?  Who was the humanoid? What should he do next?